How do I apply for the Searle Scholar Award?

You must be nominated by a participating institution in order to apply for our program. 
Consult the institutional official designated for your institution on this list for further information. 

If I began by tenure track or equivalent position slightly before the start-date for eligibility, could an exception be made in my case? 

The Program does consider extenuating circumstances and may make exceptions on a case by case basis.  Favorable considerations include a start date very close to our stated date, an unusually short period of post doctoral training, and maternity leave.  Contact the Scientific Director by email. 

Are applicants required to be U.S. Citizens?

No, however, awardees must be legally employed at a United States degree granting or research institution. Awards are made to 501(c)(3) organizations described under the Internal Revenue Code which must be participating in our program. Awards are not made to individuals. 

Are there restrictions on receiving or applying for other funding?

The Searle Scholars Program does not place any restrictions on funding from other sources of support. The Searle Scholars award is meant to supplement other funding received by an investigator. 

Are basic biological scientists who hold only an M.D. degree eligible?

Yes, as long as they are researchers and not purely clinicians. Additionally, their research must contain basic science components.

My institution is not on the list. Can I still apply?

The Searle Scholars Program is a limited submission process. Applicants may only apply if they have been nominated by an invited institution.

How does an institution get invited to participate in the Searle Scholars Program?

See further information under our Competition page.