2021 Scholars

Ahmed Abdelfattah

Brown University
Optogenetic tools to record, trace, and manipulate brain circuits at cellular resolution

Research Interests

Fei Chen

The Broad Institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University
Spatial and temporal genomics tools for neurodevelopment

Research Interests

Bradley H. Dickerson

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Mapping the neural circuits that control precision timing in behavior

Research Interests

Yun Ding

University of Pennsylvania
Evolutionary pattern of neural circuits in generating behavioral diversification

Vikram Gadagkar

The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York
Evaluating the Actions of Others: Neural Mechanisms of Mate Choice in Female Songbirds

Brooke Meghan Gardner

University of California, Santa Barbara
Dissecting the mechanisms of peroxisome homeostasis in human cells

Smita Gopinath

Harvard University and Harvard School of Public Health
Microbiome-immune interactions in the vaginal mucosa

Tyler Grove

Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
Investigations of the mechanistic and biological roles of Viperin and CMPK2

Isha H. Jain

Gladstone/University of California, San Francisco
EconoMetabolism – Matching Metabolic Supply and Demand for Vitamins

Sam Light

The University of Chicago
Developing a model of microbial metabolic interactions within the gut microbiota

Matthew Lovett-Barron

University of California, San Diego
Neural circuits for information sharing in schooling fish

Molly Schumer

Stanford University
Genetic collision: hybridization and its consequences

Weixin Tang

The University of Chicago
Quantitative, Base-Resolution Sequencing of the Epigenome and Epitranscriptome; An Evolved Enzyme-Enabled Platform for Resolving Epi-modifications with Cell Fate Specification

Ekaterina V. Vinogradova

The Rockefeller University
Chemical proteomic insights into cytokine release storm

Daniel Elger Wagner

University of California, San Francisco
Elucidating molecular mechanisms of pattern repair in zebrafish embryos